Connie Britton and Others Speak Out Against Antisemitism

Connie Britton and Others Speak Out Against Antisemitism

We’ve got some exciting news about grown-ups coming together to make the world a better place. Connie Britton, Cindy Crawford, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jenna Dewan, and Scooter Braun are joining forces for a brand new campaign called “New Year, New Voices.” Let’s find out what it’s all about!

Connie Britton : Standing Up Against Antisemitism

So, there’s something not-so-nice happening called antisemitism, where people are treated unfairly because of their background. Our friends from the entertainment world think this is not okay, and they want to do something about it. The campaign is like a superhero team, but instead of capes, they have their voices to fight against this unfairness.

Connie Britton and Others Speak Out Against Antisemitism

Connie Britton : Celebrities Speaking Out

Imagine if you and your friends decided to speak up against something wrong. That’s exactly what Connie, Cindy, Ginnifer, Jenna, and Scooter are doing. They’re not just talking about a specific event; they want to stop antisemitism altogether. It’s like saying, “Hey, let’s all be friends and treat each other nicely, no matter where we come from.”

Connie Britton : “New Year, New Voices” Launch

The campaign officially started on social media, which is like a big playground where everyone can share their thoughts. And guess what? It launched right at the beginning of the new year! It’s like making a resolution to make the world a happier and fairer place.

Connie Britton : A Preview of Goodness

Before the big launch, the organizers gave us a sneak peek, like when you get a little taste of your favorite snack. They shared with CNN what the campaign is all about. It’s not just about one group of people; it includes friends from different backgrounds. That’s what we call diversity – a big mix of friends working together.

Voices Against Hate

The founder of the campaign, Samantha Ettus, explained that they want to show everyone that standing against antisemitism is a good thing. It’s not just the same people talking about it; it’s a bunch of different voices coming together. Imagine a choir where everyone sings a different tune, but it sounds beautiful when combined.

A Message to Everyone

Antisemitism is like a big, dark cloud, and our friends want to make it go away. Samantha Ettus said it’s essential to stop antisemitism and that it’s okay for anyone to speak up against hate, just like standing up against any unfairness. It’s like saying, “Let’s be kind to each other, no matter who we are.”

Breaking the Propaganda

Sometimes, people hear the wrong things and start believing them. Samantha Ettus mentioned something called propaganda, which is like spreading not-so-nice ideas. The campaign wants to break this by showing that speaking against antisemitism is not a political thing. It’s just the right thing to do, like helping a friend when they need it.

Everyone Can Join In

This campaign is not only for famous people; it’s for everyone. Just like you and your friends can stand up against unfairness, the campaign invites everyone to join in. It’s like a big party where everyone brings something special to make it awesome.

Spreading Good Vibes

Our friends from the entertainment world are spreading good vibes and showing that it’s cool to be kind. They’re like superheroes using their voices to make the world a better place. It’s a reminder that everyone, big or small, can make a difference by spreading love.

The Hope for a Brighter Future

So, little pals, the “New Year, New Voices” campaign is all about making the world a happier and fairer place. Our friends from the entertainment world are using their voices to stand against antisemitism, and they want you to join in too. Let’s all be superheroes of kindness and make the world shine a little brighter!